The Cosmopolitan Christian

The Cosmopolitan Christian explores the role of Christians in the world today and our future cultural impact. In a world spearheading towards automation, artificial intelligence the internet of things, mass surveillance and the such, it is far too easy for the church to hit cruise control and wait till the Lord returns or factory settings Christian where our goal becomes salvation orientated alone and not transformation orientated also. We are here to turn the world upside down through disruptive, deliberate and decisive, Christ-centred action that goes beyond the simplicity of Sunday service. The landscape of the world is constantly evolving and so Jesus said the church must evolve also. This means that for new wine there must be a new wineskin generation that can carry present truth. This is a must read for those who want to go from preaching to reaching, from church to culture!

Eat Sleep Prophesy Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Prophesy, Repeat is intended primarily for the Christian reader that wants to grow in their ability to hear the voice of God both for themselves and for others. Tomi Arayomi shares personal revelations and intimate stories designed to enhance your ability to tune into what the Lord has to say to you. The prophetic is for everyone and the Bible says in John 10:27 that ‘My Sheep Hear My Voice.’ This book promises the Christian practical insights into how to navigate the prophetic landscape. It answers deeply held questions surrounding the prophetic such as:
– What does the voice of God sound like?
– How do I separate God’s voice from my own voice?
– How do I grow in my ability to hear God’s voice?
– Am I a prophet?
– How does God speak today?
– How do i minister prophetically to others?
– How do I mature in my prophetic anointing?
– How do I restore the prophetic back to my local church?
– How to be a prophet to Nations
And much more!

Kingdom Secrets Jesus Couldn't Share.. Until Now

Kingdom Secrets challenges every Christian believer to question their pre-conceived notions on the subject of The Kingdom by deciphering parables spoken by Jesus Christ himself. This is not your typical financial prosperity Christian message, but rather an intelligently written study guide to help you come to a comprehensive understanding on what the Bible has to say about the kingdom, money and purpose. This book gives Christians Biblically sound reasons to prosper in their sphere of influence and puts to bed the old and far outdated poverty is humility message.